The Eyebrow Studio create and correct the PERFECT eyebrows!

Let us turn your dream of having perfect eyebrows into a reality!

At The Eyebrow Studio, we strive for nothing but perfection!

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The Eyebrow Studio will turn your dream of perfect eyebrows into a reality. We will consult with and work with you until we have shaped, plucked, waxed or threaded the perfect eyebrows for your face type.
Perfect eyebrows are not just achieved through shaping, threading or plucking. The technique is definitely a part of the perfect eyebrows, but The Eyebrow Studio’s specialists will look at your face, talk to you and create perfectly sculpted eyebrows to suit your look.

Perfect Eyebrows at The Eyebrow Studio Adelaide

Fully trained here in beautiful Adelaide, The Eyebrow Studio’s expert ladies will bring out the best in your facial features. We have the skills and a full range of techniques to help you relax and feel at home.
Do you prefer waxing, threading or plucking? We will listen, consult and ensure your eyebrow shaping experience is one you will tell your friends about.
      • Have you had your eyebrows shaped and still think ‘that’s not quite right?’
      • Have you ever looked at your eyebrows and thought ‘something is just not right, how can I fix this?’
      • Have you ever wanted the perfect eyebrows and only the perfect eyebrows?

These are common questions and the good news is: The Eyebrow Studio are specialists at looking at your eyebrows and sculpting the perfect eyebrows to complete your beautiful face. All you need to do is relax in our comfortable Adelaide salons.

The simple fact is eyebrow shaping can take years off your face, making you look younger without using needles or lotions. Your perfect eyebrows will automatically enhance every other feature including your eyes, skin and hair.

Take advantage of our FREE consultation

Your first visit at the Eyebrow Studio will include a FREE consultation!

With our helpful tips and recommendations you will see improvements after just your first visit to any of our salons. So contact Glenelg, Mawson Lakes, O’Halloran Hill, Unley Road or Gawler and experience the joy of beautifully shaped eyebrows today.