Spray Tanning (O’Halloran Hill Store Only)

For a Tanning solution that offers you privacy and is quick and easy.

Mystic Tan continues to revolutionise the spray tan industry with its latest advancement in automated sunless. It delivers a revolutionary heated sunless treatment, designed to deliver flawless, natural-looking results while keeping you warm and dry from start to finish. 

With even coverage and you can select a Light, Medium, Dark tan.

What do you need to know…

  1. Remove all jewellery, make up and deodorant if you wish with the wipes provided.
  2. Undress, apply sticky feet pads to your feet and hair net to your hair. Make sure your ears are out and it is right up to you hair line with ALL of your forehead exposed.
  3. Step into the machine, pull the door closed and stand left foot on 1 and right foot on 3 – when ready hold your hand In front of the green eye for a good 5 seconds, put your hands back out to the sides – your spray will start!!
  4. From here make sure you listen to the machine when it tells you to turn. There is three turns all up so as long as you turn when told you can’t go wrong!!
  5. At the end the final drying stage will run for approx. 1-2 mins, you can stay in as little or as long as you like until you feel dry. Stand on the slip mat for this stage.
  6. Exit the machine and press he re-set / purge button on the side of the machine to start self-clean.
  7. Remove sticky feet, and hair net and get dressed.


  • When being sprayed at the front bend your knuckles so you don’t get lines, same thing with your wrist when back is being sprayed.
  • Keep your arms at even distance each side of your body
  • When drying move onto slip mat as the plates can get slippery after cycle
  • For a more natural look ½ hour after tan wash your hands lightly with water and dab them dry. We have found they can go darker that desired if not.
  • 8 hours later shower lightly with water only to most of the body. If you need to leave it only longer this will not affect the intensity of your tan
  • If you don’t want your face too dark turn your head away on the second spray. You will see when it is going to spray your face
  • If you want places like your chest and legs more intense we have boosters for sale to create extra depth and intensity. These can also help pro long your tan!

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